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ABOUT G-RAFF Safety Systems

G-RAFF Safety Systems, Inc. is the result of a vision: A determination to provide the highest engineered products at more affordable prices. John Benko started the company in 1983 with ideas that would help change an industry. The first was an elevating tank truck platform that would ultimately become the G-RAFF Elevating Tank Truck Platform, and the second was the Sahara Hot Box, an energy saving Drum heater designed to heat anywhere from 1 to 32 (55-gallon) drums.

G-RAFF Safety Systems, and its parent Benko Products, have become two of the most respected leaders in these industries, and it carries over that same principle with its extensive line of industrial ovens. When engineers require safe acess and fall protection solutions, they turn to G-RAFF.

All manufacturing is done at Benko Products in Sheffield Village, Ohio, in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, The end-user has access to our expert engineering, sales and support staff, guaranteeing the best products and service after the sale..

When it comes to technology, experience, unparalleled support and cost effective solutions: Nobody beats G-RAFF.


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