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Elevating Platforms

Specifically designed for accessing multiple top ports on a typical tank / bulk truck

The G-RAFF line of Elevating Platforms are the ultimate, patented elevating platform specifically designed for tank/bulk trucks and rail cars.

Since 1983, G-Raff Elevating Platforms have been providing superior access and fall protection for all of the top ports on a typical tank/bulk truck or rail car.

Elevating platforms provide the ability to customize height based on the tanker truck or rail car being accessed. No two tanker truck are the same it seems, but our elevating platforms easily adjust to fit them all.

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The G-Raff Elevating Platform has many unique features:
• Proven, patented design!
• Ideal for loading / unloading
• Available with various custom
safety enclosures
• Self-supporting, level, elevating
work platform and railing
• Machine screw actuation
• Push-button controls
• Able to support loading arms
• Rugged steel construction and top
coated to your specifications
• Easy to install
• Operator friendly
• Can be custom designed to meet
various applications
Meets or exceeds OSHA

Model M-26
Patented elevating platform specifically designed for accessing multiple top ports on a typical tank / bulk truck. Ideal for loading and easily customized.

Model M-5

Designed for tank / bulk trucks, Model M-5 provides fall protection for single top manhole. Self-adjusting stairs give operators safe access to the top of the platform. Easily customized for your application.

HC and TR Series
The HC and TR series are patented
elevating railing systems designed specifically for continuous fall protection on hopper cars (HC) or tank trucks (TR). Featuring a self-supporting elevating railing enclosure, machine screw actuation, and stationary platform with access stairway.

RTT Series
The RTT series is designed to provide safe access and fall protection, like the M-26, and does not require self-leveling stairs.
The RTT is retrofitted to existing truck loading platforms, making it ideal for replacing manual gangways. Models range from protecting a single manhole to the entire length of the truck.

Units can be custom engineered for your application.

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