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Insta-Rack Pedestal Platforms

Heavy Duty, Cost Effective Solution for Accessing Single Dome Tank/Bull Trucks, Tank Cars and Hopper Cars

    Insta-Rack Pedestal Platform


The G-RAFF Insta-Rack Pedestal Platform provides safe access and fall protection to the tops of single-dome tank/bulk trucks, tank cars and hopper cars.

All Insta-Racks come equipped with a single pedestal platform, access stairway and access equipment.

A four-column support design is also available with integrated loading arm support.

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G-RAFF Insta-Rack Pedestal Platforms have many unique features:
• Custom designed to meet your
• Single or Double-Sided access
• May be equipped with static, pivot, or
  slide-track mounting
• Various integration options with loading
  arms and pumping stations
See also: REMOVABLE Insta-Rack!

Access Equipment
Various access options include:
• Self-leveling Safety Stairs
• Safety Bridges / Gangways
• Full-enclosure systems

• Hot Dipped Galvanized
• Red oxide primer
• Gray enamel / Safety Yellow
• Custom finishes available

Four bolt mounting for easy installation

G-RAFF designs and custom-builds bulk loading systems that meet even the most challenging requirements.

Our engineering team has over 150 years
of combined experience and utilizes
state-of-the-art CAD design software for the ultimate in customization, fit and finish.

The G-RAFF Insta-Rack Pedestal Platform 1 The G-RAFF Insta-Rack Pedestal Platform 2 The G-RAFF Insta-Rack Pedestal Platform 2


Insta Rack Pedestal Platform 4 Insta-Rack-Pedestal-Platform-5


nsta Rack Pedestal Platform 6 nsta Rack Pedestal Platform 7

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