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Loading Racks / Platforms

Heavy Duty Loading Rack and Platform construction manufactured with ease of installation in mind

    G-RAFF, Manufactured by Benko Products, Inc.


G-RAFF Loading Racks and Platforms (with or without canopies) have earned an industry reputation for heavy-duty modular construction. 

Our models are designed with ease of installation and operator safety in mind.

All our platforms are engineered for compliance with governing OSHA standards, as we interpret them, and for your specific industrial application.

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G-RAFF Loading Racks / Platforms have many unique features:
• Custom designed to meet your
• May be equipped with several access 
  options, including slide tracks
• Various integration options with loading 
  arms and pumping stations

Access Equipment
Various access options include:
• Self-leveling Safety Stairs
• Safety Bridges / Gangways
• Full-enclosure systems

• Hot Dipped Galvanized
• Red oxide primer
• Gray enamel / Safety Yellow
• Custom finishes available

Four bolt mounting for easy installation

G-RAFF designs and custom-builds bulk loading systems that meet even the most challenging requirements.

Our engineering team has over 150 years
of experience collectively and utilizes
state-of-the-art CAD software.



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