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Portable Platforms

Trusted Fall Protection Offering Safe Access to the Tops of Tank and Bulk Trucks and more

The G-RAFF Portable Platform (PAL100), is designed to provide safe access and fall protection on the tops of tank and bulk trucks.

The unit provides portable access, with a safety enclosure, designed for those applications that don't allow the ability to use permanent truck loading platforms. Our Platforms are also indicated in situations where space is limited.

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G-RAFF Portable Platforms have many
unique features:
• Adjustable height from 9' to 13'
• Work platform 2' x 4' long with grip strut
• Rubber bumpers to prevent damage and
  direct contact with the vehicle
• Ergonomically designed manual cable
• Outriggers are adjustable and designed
  to be used at all heights
• Optional tow bar available
• 1-year Manufacturer's warranty

Materials of Construction
Rugged construction includes:
• Welded steel with aluminum safety
• 2, 8" swivel casters with brakes
• 2. 8" fixed direction casters

• Hot Dipped Galvanized
• Gray enamel / Safety Yellow
• Custom finishes available

Portable Transloading System
• Unit can be customized to create a
  portable transloading system.
• Ask your sales representative for more

Safety Enclosures
• Various, custom designed safety
  enclosures are available to accommodate
  unique applications

Custom engineered, computer designed units are available. Contact us for more information on getting started today!

• 10" foam filled tires available
• Optional tow-bar

Expedited Delivery Available
• Contact us for more details!

Rugged construction

Contact us for more information on a custom solution for your application!

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PAL100 Portable Platform

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