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Portable Transloading Platforms

When Loading Situations Won't Allow for a Permanent Pedestal Installation

G-RAFF's Portable Transloading Platform provides a mobile access solution for transloading operations, be it Truck to Rail, or Rail to Truck.

All G-Raff platforms are engineered for operator safety and compliance with governing O.S.H.A. standards.

With custom engineered designs, based on your specific applications, you can easily see how quickly G-RAFF becomes the obvious choice.

Contact us for more information on custom made platforms for your application! 

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G-RAFF Portable Transloading Platforms have many unique features:
• Custom designed to meet your
• May be equipped with several access
• Various integration options with
  transloading systems
• Rolling base design for different site and
  operational requirements

Platform and stairs with O.S.H.A. compliant handrail, midrail, and toeboard.
• Available in Single or Double
• Optional Self-leveling Safety Stairs or
  Safety Bridge / Gangway
• Safety enclosures are standard on
  gangways for operator safety while on
  top of trucks and railcars

• Hot Dipped Galvanized
• Gray enamel / Safety Yellow
• Custom finishes available

G-RAFF designs and custom-builds portable transloading systems that meet even the most challenging requirements. Our engineering team has over 150 years of experience collectively and utilizes state-of-the-art CAD software.

• Trailer package
• Loading arms
• Hose handlers
• Pump and metering systems
• Operator buildings


G-RAFF's Portable Transloading Platform


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