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The G-RAFF Safety Systems Product Line

Since the invention of the G-Raff Elevating Platform, G-RAFF Safety Systems has been designing and building the industry's leading solutions for providing safe access in both tank truck and rail car applications.

G-RAFF continues to offer cost effective and long lasting solutions. Click on any image below to see detailed information for that particular line of safe tank truck and railcar access platfdorms. For more complete details, contact us directly or use our online 'Information Request Form'.

G-RAFF Elevating Platforms
Safety Bridges / Gangways
Safety Stairs by G-RAFF
Elite Series Safety Stairs
Elevating Platform Safety Bridges / Gangways Safety Stairs

Elite Series Safety Stairs 

 Loading Racks / Platforms
 Insta-Rack Pedestal Platform
 Removable Insta-Rack
 Portable Transloading Unit by G-RAFF 
Loading Racks / Platforms Insta-Rack Pedestal Platform

Removable Insta-Rack

Portable Transloading Unit 

Portable G-RAFF Platforms
 Flatbed Access
 Horizontal Lifeline
 Tanker Safety Systems
Portable Platform

Flatbed Access Platforms

Horizontal Lifeline Systems

Safety Systems

 G-RAFF has everything to meet your safe access needs.
 G-Raff Rail Car Spill Containment
 Accessories and Related Safety Products
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Spill Containment Pans

Accessories / Related Products 


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